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Londyn 2009, wydanie 1 angielskie, Format 150 x 210, objętość 288 str., oprawa miękka

From first-aid essentials to life-saving procedures, it’s worth having someone who knows what they are doing to cope with life’s little (and big) emergencies. The latest edition of this best-selling manual, published in association with the UK's three leading first-aid providers, gives you the knowledge you need instantly if someone falls ill or gets hurt.

Brand new live-action step-by-step photographs show you how to treat casualties and over 100 medical conditions and injuries, from minor burns to heart attacks. Find information on the latest life-saving procedures and resuscitation guidelines as well as basic first aid techniques, like bandaging and applying dressings.

Plus, new chapters explain what it’s like being a first aider, what to do in an emergency situation and how to look after a casualty. Keep it handy – for home, for work and for leisure.


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